This is a public version of the BUNTON Family tree. For privacy reasons it includes details only of people who have "Gone to God". (Even some "good" convicts go to God!!)

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Site Author
This web site has been created by Frank P. Bunton (great-great-grandson of Joseph Bunton) to record all the known details about the life and descendants of Joseph and Mary Bunton, the first of the Bunton clan in Australia.

Please e-mail me if you have any information about descendants of Joseph Bunton the convict that is not contained in these pages.

However, please note that I do not have any information about Buntons other than that shown on this site. In particular, I have no information about Bunton families living in The United Kingdom nor in U.S.A. I would suggest that, if you want information not shown in this site and that does not relate to descendants of Joseph Bunton, that you post a message at:-

The Bunton Family Genealogy Forum

At this site you can read existing messages or leave a message of your own.


The bulk of the information on this site has been taken from the document:-

Joseph Bunton - Convict, Freeman & Farmer
Ian James Bunton (now deceased) (great-great-grandson)

My thanks to him for his permission to use this material and for his great efforts in tracing the family tree.

Some more information (such as the 14 siblings of Isabella Bunton, information on James Filleul's parents and siblings, and Origins of the Bunton Name  and some better photos)  have been found in a Family History book maintained by Hedley Bunton.

Amendments & Additions

There are many parts of this record that are missing as some branches of the family have not been traced. There may even be (shock horror!!) some mistakes. My apologies for these.

If anyone can provide new or corrected information could they please let me know.

Also, some of the Bunton family members might like to have their own or their family photos included, or might have better images of our ancestors than those in use here. If so,  they should e-mail the photos to me.

However, it should be noted that the amount of material that I can include on my web site is limited and there may well come a time when I can no longer keep adding to this record.

Mailing List For Updates

I have already put all the Joseph Bunton descendants for whom I can find e-mail addresses onto a e-mailing list.

If you did not receive an initial e-mail announcing the creation of this site and you would like to be included in future e-mailings about changes and updates to this site then please let me know.

Other Bunton Sites

No other related Bunton family web sites are known. If you know of any please let me know.

Bob Bunton's View of Joseph Snr.

Bob View of JosephOur ancestor as seen by Bob Bunton!

Family Members - How to Get Full Tree

As mentioned earlier, for privacy reasons the public sections of this web site no longer contain details of living family members.

Where access to a page is restricted to "family members only", you will see something like this:- 

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The full family tree may be accessed only by genuine family members* by clicking the "click here" link and entering the user name and password which can be obtained by sending me a request.

* Note - in this regard, "genuine family member" is taken to mean a direct descendant of the convict Joseph Bunton AND who is known personally to me or who can give me the name of a family member known to me who can verify direct descent from Joseph Bunton. In addition, the password will only be given to family members whose details are included in the restricted pages.

The restricted pages of this site will NOT be of ANY ASSISTANCE AT ALL to anybody other than direct descendants of Joseph Bunton the convict.

If you are researching Buntons other than those descended directly from Joseph Bunton then look here.